Every year, around September A TRAIN of award shows comes traipsing through our living rooms across America. At first glance, you may think we are just another night of glitz and glamour. Nothing can be further from the truth.

The Young Entertainer Awards was founded in late 2015 by Michael and Amparo Wiener who felt that even though there were other award shows, they could put their long standing experience to use by creating an award show that would have a tremendous, positive impact on youth of the entertainment industry. Rallying the support of their family, former child actors and industry professionals, they set forth to build a team to help them accomplish their vision.

Today, the Young Entertainer Awards Foundation boasts an advisory board comprised of more than a dozen industry professionals and former child actors who are engaging the community involved in the young entertainment business, enlightening them with their years of knowledge and experience and inspiring them through recognition and community support of young entertainers worldwide. A big task but they're up to it. (Of course if you want to help go to

As you read this we are confident that you will recognize the extraordinary effort put forth by all of our volunteers whose exclusive focus is on creating a positive impact on the industry for young entertainers around the world.

Please allow us to share with you our founding principles

Engage - Enlighten - Inspire


The Young Entertainer Awards believes strongly in community outreach and constructive engagement of our fellow young entertainers. The life of a young entertainer can be filled with fortune, fame and opportunity. However, for the vast majority this is not the case. For every Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, or Justin Bieber there are thousands of nameless faces that face harsh adult realities in this adult business. Our goal is to build a strong thriving community of young entertainers from around the world, both current and former, to share experience, knowledge and build lifelong relationships.


What needs to be known to survive and be successful as a young entertainer is not something that is taught at home or at school. Specific information must be passed on and with today's technology we believe this information should be available to everyone. Our goal is to provide access for free resources, workshops, classes, seminars, internships, mentorships, opportunities to meet industry legends, independent arts project support and more. We are also working to expand our scholarship program be able to hold additional performing arts fundraising efforts and offer sponsorships to other important education initiatives outside our organization. The Young Entertainer Awards Foundation supports on going refinement of the entertainment craft. Our annual scholarship program spearheads our efforts to encourage ongoing education. Our goal is also to provide free access to the basic information needed to avoid industry scams and to ensure the best possible chance for a long entertainment career.


We believe in inspiring young entertainers to take control of their own careers and to achieve their full potential whether it be in this industry, or the next. The reality of this industry is that many will eventually leave it to pursue other interests. This is a very important stage in any young life and we want it to be as motivating and inspiring as possible. The lessons they learn will guide them for the rest of their lives. Let them be great!

We hope this provides a peek into the motivation behind and purpose of this organization. We have a lot of big plans and need all the help we can get to make them a reality. If you want to have a positive impact on the young entertainer world, reach out and say hi. We welcome all current and former young entertainers as well as industry legends/professionals.

Supporting Young Entertainers worldwide

The Young Entertainer Awards Board of Directors